Rules & Regulations

  • Rules & Regulations

The Exide Innovation Challenge is open to bonafide 2nd year students currently pursuing a full time two year PGP/MBA program.

Teams need to focus on their ability to develop a Vision 2025 document for Exide on their vision of the market and environment for battery manufacturers in 2025. The document will also contain suggestions to Exide on how the Company can plan and execute the vision and achieve success.


  • 29th October - 10th November 2018 : Registration Duration
  • 24th November - 4th December 2018 : Campus Rounds
  • 18th December 2018 : National Finals

There will be two rounds of evaluation namely Campus Round and Final Round.


CAMPUS ROUND - In the First Round. i.e the Campus Round, participants will register for this contest in teams of four people each and will be given a chance to present their ideas in short 10 minute presentations at the Campus Round. Exide representatives will visit each Campus for the Campus Round presentation. Once the teams have registered, Exide will share the contest details and the basic information portfolio (which Exide will need to develop) basis which the teams will share their presentations. The results of the three (3) shortlisted winning teams will be announced at the close of day post which the top two (2) finalists from the campus will move to the 2nd and final round in Kolkata. These teams will be privy to more details on data and information by Exide.


FINAL ROUND –The top two (2) teams from each Institute will have to present a much more detailed presentation to the Senior Management of Exide at the National Finals to be held in Kolkata.


For all the rounds presentations should be in the below mentioned format:

  • Microsoft power point (.ppt/.pptx)
  • MP4/MP3

All entries should be accompanied with speaker-notes and supporting material


  • Every presentation will be evaluated by a panel comprising of jury members and senior business leaders from the Exide Industries Limited at the National Finals.
  • Participant(s) will be required to be present in full strength at the Final Round if they are invited to present to the Jury, unless their members are on the official International Exchange Program of the Institute, or have taken prior permission to be exempted from this round, due to emergency situations.


The Jury will be evaluating the teams based on the following criteria(s), though this is not an exhaustive list:


  • Depth of issues covered.
  • Originality, creativity and relevance of the Issue.
  • Quality of analysis (Numerical and Data based analysis etc.)
  • Implementability Quotient of the solution proposed.
  • Innovation Quotient.
  • Depth of research.
  • Quality of presentation.


  • The Final evaluation round will be held at Kolkata in the month of December 2018
  • All costs pertaining to the travel to Kolkata, boarding and lodging, as well as return to the campus will be borne by Exide Industries Limited.